Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#50: Star Wars Legacy Collection K'Kruhk

The next figure in the final Legacy Collection wave is K'Kruhk, a Whiphid Jedi. He's apparently been quite prolific in the expanded universe, but I only know him from the original Clone Wars cartoon (he's one of the Jedi that gets a severe trouncing from Grievous). Apparently he usually wears a hat, so a lot of fans are upset that it's not included. He didn't wear a hat in the cartoon, so I really could not care less about its exclusion. As far as I can tell, it's a completely new figure, and it's also really tall. He's about the same height as the Dark Trooper I posted about yesterday, but not so thin, so he looks more imposing. He's well articulated, and his robe is removable. K'Kruhk is another really cool figure, so it's a shame he won't be easy to find if you're looking for him.

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