Thursday, June 17, 2010

#52: Star Wars Legacy Collection Jacen Solo

Although Leia never showed much Force talent in the movies, she still had the potential, so of course here kids grew up to be powerful Jedi. Jacen was the second born of Han and Leia's twins, whose life in some ways mirrored that of his grandfather Anakin. This figure is based on Jacen's younger heroic days during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Apparently Jacen is the Star Wars version of Dr Doolittle, as he can communicate with animals, which is demonstrated by this figure wearing Vong amphistaffs as armor. I do seem to remember that happening in one of the books, so although it looks kind of goofy, it is cool that they are throwing in obscure nods to the source material. Weirdo accessories aside, it's a pretty good figure. A lot of the cover illustrations depicted Jacen wearing a brown jumpsuit which allowed Hasbro to re-use parts of Bespin Luke's molds. The illustrations I've seen of Jacen's face have been all over the place, but I like how it turned out for this figure. I think he actually looks like he could be related to Harrison Ford.

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