Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#51: Star Wars Legacy Collection Spacetrooper

Another all new figure in the expanded universe wave is the Spacetrooper, which I guess showed up mostly in the comic adaptation of the Zahn trilogy. Whatever, it's a big crazy looking Stormtrooper, so I dig it. The hands look like they are sculpted to hold guns, but none are included. I don't know if the figure was intended to come with guns, or if that's just so that you can have it hold guns from other figures. As it is, the only accessory is a removable jetpack. It's a cool figure, but it seems like the helmet could stand to have some more black on it. It seems a little plain, especially since a standard Stormtrooper helmet has more markings on it.


  1. I have to find one of these for my Stormtrooper collection. Did you order him online?

  2. Indeed, I ordered the case for that wave online. If you only want that one from the wave, I know that Bigbadtoystore is selling them individually.

  3. Sweet! Thanks for the tip, I'm off to BBTS!


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