Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#59: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon

There are some Transformers I like because I remember them fondly from my childhood. Some I like just because I think they are cool. Some are just so insane that I can't resist, and Bludgeon mostly falls into that category. My exposure to Transformers media as a child was limited to the cartoon, so I missed out on all the comic stories and characters, including Bludgeon. The original Bludgeon toy was a Pretender: a little transforming robot inside a human shell. Well, in this case not human exactly, more of a skeleton wearing samurai armor. The inner robot turned into a tank. Now for the 21st century, we have an update that is pretty faithful to the original: a tank that turns into a robot mode that looks like a skeletal samurai. That's basically enough to make me want one. I haven't seen this in the stores yet, but I was able to get one from Hasbro's webshop, on sale for 5 bucks off. I'm kind of surprised they made him a Voyager class figure, but it's cool that he's got a big figure since he was so prominent in the comics. The toy itself is pretty cool. The swords can be stowed on his back, or at his waist. I think having such an oddball character really allowed the designers to have fun, and it shows. Even though it's in the movie line, it doesn't look too much like the movie's aesthetic of weird gangly robots, so I think it has a good look. If you can find one, I'd recommend picking up Bludgeon.

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