Sunday, June 20, 2010

#55: Star Wars Legacy Collection BG-J38

The best thing about the Legacy Collection was its pack in gimmick: droid pieces. They are much cooler than little holographic figures or coins. You can mix and match the pieces to come up with weird combinations, and you can get droids that are unlikely to get made otherwise. The final Legacy Collection droid is BG-J38, which is a unique mold and only available in this wave. I had to look up where this droid comes from, and it a resident of Jabba's palace, so I guess it shows up in the background of some shot during Return of the Jedi. The buildable droids were mostly astromechs or protocol droids, so it is cool to get such an oddball looking droid. This one is particularly distinctive with its spindly limbs and insectile appearance. I really like how odd this droid looks, it definitely will stick out.

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