Monday, December 9, 2013

#85: Star Wars The Black Series - R2-D2

While R2-D2 is an important character, I wasn't sure I wanted to spend 20 bucks on him. Fortunately, I was doing some gift shopping online, and he was available for half price. I'm glad I got him, because he turned out pretty well. There was some grumbling about the paint job when production sample photos started showing up but I don't have any complaints. Articulation is exactly what you would expect from an Artoo figure.

There are three panels on top of Artoo's dome that pop off, and three corresponding attachments that can be used. There is his life form sensing scanner, his eye scope, and Luke's lightsaber.

On Artoo's lower body, there are a couple panels that can open, and his computer interface arm or his grabbing arm can be extended. The panels on the side of his legs can also be replaced with his booster rockets. The third leg is lowered and raised by rotating his dome, a feature familiar to long time Star Wars figure collectors.

While I was originally hesitant about getting this figure, I'm glad I did, as he turned out to be more fun than I anticipated. He has a lot more presence sitting on my desk than smaller sized Artoo figures do.

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