Friday, December 27, 2013

#91: Avengers Assemble - Inferno Cannon Black Widow

Another Christmas gift from friend of the blog AJ, here's the recent comic style Black Widow figure from the Avengers Assemble line. Marvel Universe is still going, so I'm not entirely sure what the point of this line is. But hey, it's a vastly improved comic version of Black Widow. The Marvel Universe version was pretty disappointing. This version is mostly based on the movie figure, but basically with a new head and belt. So it's a well articulated figure. There's minimal paint to worry about. Perhaps the point of this line is to be more kid friendly, as Black Widow's accessory is a big projectile launching cannon, which includes two missiles. I would have preferred a couple of pistols or something. She's getting MU Black Widow's assault rifle.

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