Friday, December 20, 2013

#86: Thor The Dark World - Loki

Thor hasn't been quite the breakout star that Iron Man has been, and Thor: The Dark World correspondingly has a much scaled down toy line to accompany it. In fact, these toys barely have a presence in stores at all, my local Target isn't carrying the figures at all. Naturally, I am down for a new Loki figure, so I ordered it on Black Friday from for a good price. Loki maintains the trend of movie figures not being as fully articulated as figures from the sister Marvel Universe line, so Loki has no ankles or wrists. Befitting his more humble circumstances in this movie, rather than a grand staff, Loki's weapon is a dagger.

Loki also includes a couple of other daggers that are too thick to fit very well in his open hand, and he doesn't really have anywhere to store them.

"This is for Alderaan!"


  1. True dat.....Loki was the real star in The Dark World!

    1. A Loki solo movie would be so great.


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