Monday, December 30, 2013

#94: Star Wars - Princess Leia

The final Christmas gift of the year, again from friend of the blog AJ, this is Princess Leia in her Bespin outfit. This is from the wave featuring an old, unused, design for cards which ended up being basically an online exclusive wave. It's a cool look, but I don't usually keep packaging, so it's only of momentary interest. I'm not sure if they made a version of this Leia during the 90s run, but this is the first figure I've had in the outfit. It's got fairly standard Star Wars articulation, and the skirt isn't too restrictive of the legs. Probably the coolest part of the figure is the patterning printed on the robe. Leia's only accessory is a Stormtrooper blaster. As Carrie Fisher is a short woman, the figure is appropriately small compared to the other figures in the line.

Power couple

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