Thursday, December 26, 2013

#90: Pacific Rim - Gipsy Danger and Knifehead

I never got around to buying any Pacific Rim figures, but having recently bought a copy of the movie, and the announcement that a Cherno Alpha figure is forthcoming, I've been wishing that I had. Since the original figures are out of print, so to speak, NECA has re-released Gipsy Danger with Knifehead as a two pack, which I received for Christmas. This isn't the newer Gipsy Danger which features the cool swords, but it looks like she's got a more dirtied up paint job than the original release. Gipsy is looking good, but the articulation is not up to some of NECA's other lines. The arms and the hips especially would benefit from a wider range of motion in their joints.

Knifehead is way too short. The articulation is even less impressive here. The small set of arms is completely unarticulated, and the other arms and legs could have benefitted from some ball joints. The jaw can open and close, which is cool. But it's very cool looking, in spite of all that.

More awkward than my junior high dances

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