Monday, December 23, 2013

#89: Transformers Generations - Hoist

Fun fact: Amazon has recently raised the minimum order amount required to receive free shipping to $35. I was ordering something for $34.99. Fortunately, the month before Christmas tends to be a great time for ordering toys from Amazon, and Hoist was only five dollars, which was less than paying for shipping would have cost. I've seen Hoist on the pegs before, and I have always been somewhat tempted to get him, largely due to the fact that his altmode is a tow truck. I don't have any particular interest in tow trucks, but I like it as an altmode for an Autobot, as it's not something flashy and it seems like it would be a good disguise. So getting him for five dollars was a very cool bonus.

Hoist isn't a character I'm familiar with, so the included comic book provides some useful insight into the character. He's an Autobot equivalent of a blue collar worker. An everyday guy who isn't flashy, taking life one day at a time. Robot mode is pretty cool looking. Mostly green with some grey and orange highlights.

The transformation is pretty easy, and has a fun feature that I haven't seen used before, with the way that the arms flip out, neatly putting the tires into the torso. As a tow truck, Hoist looks more like some sort of flatbed SUV. The towing arm folds up into a gun for robot mode. There are a few different 5mm ports throughout, so the towing arm can be moved around, or other weapons can be affixed to him.

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