Sunday, December 29, 2013

#93: Batman Unlimited - Vampire Batman

Continuing with Christmas gifts, here's another from friend of the blog AJ, Vampire Batman. This is one of those figures that I like, but would never have bought for myself, so it was perfect for a gift. I believe it's mostly a reuse of the Deadman body, so he's skinny (for a superhero) and slightly dessicated looking, plus he's got double hinge elbows as well as wrists with swivel-hinges. The coolest part about the figure is the addition of bat wings. It's totally ridiculous, yes, but they do add an interesting touch. They are unattached in the package and plug into his back and function as swivel joints. The holes they plug into are a little hard to get into because the cape gets in the way, so I won't be removing and replacing them. He also comes with a bat-stake.

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