Friday, March 21, 2014

#20: Transformers Generations - Rhinox

Beast Wars is one of the best Transformers cartoons, but I wasn't into it at the time it was current, so I missed out on the toys. Hasbro occasionally makes new versions of the characters (I have Dinobot, am looking for Waspinator, and am looking forward to Rattrap), and the new Rhinox looked really cool when it was previewed, so I got one. I still haven't seen one in stores, so fortunately it's been in stock at The rhino alt mode looks pretty good, with the back of the forelegs being the only main parts that have robot bits showing. The jaw can open or close, which is always a fun feature. The back of the neck part seems to sit a little high, although I'm not sure if that's a fault with the design, or I didn't transform it properly.

Robot mode is of course the star here, and it does a  good job of reflecting the stocky look of Rhinox in the cartoon. Also included are his two guns, which have a button on them to make the front parts rotate. They both store away in the rhino's stomach for its alt mode. They can also plug into the backs of his arms for when he needs his hands free. Rhinox is pretty cool, and worth getting, if unfortunately hard to find on shelves.


  1. That is amazing! I will have to get one too!!!

  2. Congrats for getting this. I have to say the head sculpt is my favorite as well.


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