Saturday, March 29, 2014

#24: Transformers Generations - Waspinator

Waspinator was memorable in Beast Wars as mostly a comic relief character, always being blown up and rebuilt only to get blown up again. He's a fun character, and I'm glad Hasbro got around to doing an updated version of the figure. Unfortunately, he has proven hard to find. He was surprisingly scarce even at the toy show, but I was able to pick one up for only a little more than retail, and probably cheaper than buying online, factoring shipping in. Thanks to advances in toy making, Waspinator's robot mode now looks way more show accurate than the original toy.

Getting Waspinator into beast mode is pretty easy, but the process is muddled by the instructions, which have his hands unhelpfully obscuring an area that would be better left visible for most of the way. Although the arms are kind of just folded up along the side, it is otherwise a pretty good looking wasp mode. The wings can even flap via a switch on his back. Overall I dig this new Waspinator, and don't regret having paid a little more than retail for it.

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