Sunday, March 30, 2014

#25: Figma - Chunichi Dragons Mascot Doala

Although I'm glad I was able to get Waspinator at the toy show, this is my favorite find. It's a Figma for a Japanese baseball team mascot. I paid three dollars for it. A Figma for three bucks? How could I resist? I don't care about baseball at all, but it's a three dollar Figma. I wouldn't even have noticed it had James not pointed it out, so I'm glad he did. So, this is a guy in a koala mascot costume. Figmas tend to have interchangeable faces, but this one doesn't. Which is totally understandable since this is a costume. The inner parts of the ear are short faux fur. As usual for Figma, there are various hands, accessories, and a display stand. One of the sets of hands included is the "peace" sign, and he also gets a mitt for his left hand. Doala isn't a southpaw!

One of Doala's other accessories is a baseball bat, which can be held in another set of hands. The most mystifying accessories that are included are two pieces of sliced white bread. Maybe the Dragons are sponsored by a bread company? I really don't get it at all. Hmm. According to the internet, Doala is "paid" with bread. Okay then.

Doala also includes a tool that I believe is for flattening the dirt along the base lines and infield. The only accessory that I think is missing would be a baseball. For three bucks, this guy was a steal, so I'm not complaining.

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