Monday, March 31, 2014

#27: Pacific Rim - Cherno Alpha

I was disappointed that Cherno Alpha wasn't one of the initial releases in the Pacific Rim line, but the initial figures weren't exactly up to the usually higher standards of NECA, so now I'm glad that it was released in a later wave where things seem to be back on track. Of the Jaegers, I like Cherno Alpha the best partly because of its oddball design, and partly because of my appreciation for Soviet kitsch. Although Cherno would be a product of near future Russia, there is definitely an old Soviet style feel to the design. Compared to the earlier Gipsy Danger release, Cherno has vastly superior articulation. Everything moves freely with a wide range of motion, and even the "head" is articulated. I don't remember if this action was featured in the movie, but Cherno's fists can extend a little. Now I just need a properly scaled kaiju to go up against Cherno...


  1. Didnt even knew they made this one!

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