Monday, March 31, 2014

#26: Assassin's Creed - Edward Kenway

When Assassin's Creed IV came out, I was busy with Arkham Origins, and then LEGO Marvel Super Heroes after that. So it wasn't until last month that I got around to playing it. The addition of the pirate aspects of the gameplay really added to the fun, and the new main character Edward is cool to experience. I missed out on the NECA AC figures, but I have the other random AC:Brotherhood, and that's in a different scale. At least Edward is the same size as my Walking Dead figures. It's a pretty cool looking figure, and decently articulated, but there is one glaring omission: Where are Edward's guns? Throughout the game, you can upgrade to the point where Edward carries four guns (two on his chest, and two on his back), but none are included here, either as accessories or permanently attached to his body. The figure is sculpted wearing the leather armor upgrades that provide further stamina in game, so it's not as if this is Edward at the beginning of the game before he acquires guns. Fortunately, he is more well armed in the cutting and stabbing department. He includes two swords which can't be sheathed or hung from his belt as in the game. Also included are the signature Assassin hidden blades. There are extended and retracted versions, which can be swapped out, plugging into the underside of Edward's forearms.

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