Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#22: Star Wars The Black Series - Obi-Wan Kenobi

When I ordered Rhinox, I was looking for something else to push the total up so that I could get free shipping. Some of the figures from wave 3 of the six inch Black Series were in stock (sadly, not the Stormtrooper), and Obi-Wan is a figure I was planning to get anyway. Of the various prequel versions of Obi-Wan, the Revenge of the Sith version is the one I would most like to have a toy of, so I'm glad it's the one they released first. I'll definitely get an Original Trilogy version if they release one as well. Obi-Wan keeps up the standard from the line of being well articulated and a generally good looking figure. His only accessory is his lightsaber, which has a removable blade so the hilt can be attached to his belt. I don't know if they'll be doing Jedi cloaks in this scale, but that would have been a welcome addition.

Not canon

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