Saturday, March 15, 2014

#18: Kre-o Transformers Micro Changers - Long Haul

Despite liking LEGO and Transformers, I haven't really felt much interest in the Kre-o lines from Hasbro. Regular Transformers toys are better Transformers and LEGO are better building toys and minifigures. I do like minifigures, and since I already have the Devastator set, I figured having the fifth Constructicon would be cool. Since the figures are wrapped up in tissue paper inside their blindpacked bags, it's hard to use the squeeze method to identify which figure they are. Fortunately, OAFE has a guide available, which is how I found Long Haul. There is a number printed on the back of the packaging, and Long Haul's ends in 56.

Long Haul's alt mode is a dump truck, and the bed is on a swivel, so it can be raised and lowered. In either mode there are a few different extra pieces leftover. I've heard that Hasbro will be cutting back on Kre-o, and while it's always sad to see lines disappear from shelves, this is one that I'm not going to be super disappointed to see go.

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