Friday, November 4, 2016

#68: Marvel Legends Civil War - Black Panther

Black Panther made his cinematic debut in Civil War. He was badass, and the only new movie character to get a figure in his series, so of course he has been particularly hard to find. I had him sitting on my Amazon wishlist for a while before I was finally able to find one selling for a not unreasonable price. I paid more than I would have at retail, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. Fortunately, he makes for a nice figure. His costume is pretty detailed with texture, so he's an entirely new sculpt. There are two interchangeable heads, unmasked and masked. The unmasked head is a decent likeness although he looks more clean-shaven than I remember him being in the movie. The BAF piece is Giant Man's leg. I do want to complete that, but don't particularly want any of the other figures in this series, so I may need to turn to Ebay.

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