Monday, November 28, 2016

#78: DC Comics Multiverse Batman Endgame - The Joker

Remember when the New 52 started and the Joker inexplicably had his face cut off? Eventually, it got better, thanks to some Lazarus Pit-esque chemicals below ground in Gotham. This Joker is from that storyline, which also resulted in Batman "dying" and James Gordon taking over the role of Batman. It's been a while since we got a figure on the suit body from way back in the days of The Dark Knight, but here it is. This time around, there are some gloved hands and a new head which does a nice job of representing Greg Capullo's art style. It's seriously one of my favorite Joker figure head sculpts. Joker's accessory is his face. Not an alternate head, just straight up the skin of his face that he had cut off. Most gruesome accessory of the year? Probably.

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