Sunday, November 20, 2016

#73: DC Comics Multiverse The Dark Knight Returns - Robin

Rather than giving The Dark Knight Returns its own dedicated sub-line, Mattel has been doing a few characters at a time under the Multiverse line. Other than Batman and Superman, Carrie Kelley has been my most wanted figure from the story. The first female Robin, she was self trained and wore a mail-order costume, and she managed to win over grumpy old man Bruce. Robin is a pretty standard Mattel figure, and probably the only one from DKR that won't be based on the Masters of the Universe body. Her accessory is the slingshot she carries in the book, which can be held in her hand or tucked into her belt. My only real complaint about the figure is that the glasses are solid green rather than translucent green. Who knows, maybe Mattel will do a re-release sometime down the line that corrects that. For now though, I'm glad to have a figure of one of my favorite Robins.


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