Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#71: Transformers Masterpiece - Bumblebee

Probably the biggest draw for Masterpiece Bumblebee is that is a Bumblebee that turns into a VW Beetle. For years, that wasn't the case, supposedly because of VW not wanting to be associated with war-like products (an Alternators Bumblebee would have been awesome). Apparently that hurdle has been cleared, and here we are. Presumably to help add value Spike Witwicky in his transforming exo-suit is included as well.

Bumblebee looks great in both car and robot mode, and since Masterpiece toys are supposed to all be in scale with each other now, he is pretty tiny. It's a cool toy, but not a great value. I would have been happy to pay 20 or 30 dollars less and skip the Spike toy. Bumblebee includes a blaster pistol, an optional spare tire mount, and an alternate face. The instructions show one of the alternate faces as the more robotic looking one of the original toy, but the American version includes two cartoon inspired faces with slightly varying expressions. The one that he was packaged with had some of the paint scratched off, so I'm displaying it with the smiling face. The rearview mirrors are included, attached to sprues in the packaging. They're not mentioned in the instructions, and I didn't figure out what they were until after I had taken these pictures.

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