Thursday, November 17, 2016

#72: Transformers Titans Return - Fortress Maximus

Last year we got a supersized version of Metroplex, this year we get a new version of the biggest Transformers toy ever, Fortress Maximus. The main gimmick for this year is the Headmasters, and Fortress Maximus follows suit. So here he is in robot mode. Pretty tall! He is indeed taller than Metroplex, but not by too much. In fact, they share some tooling, mainly in the lower legs and forearms. There is a pretty big sheet of stickers to apply. I both like and don't like dealing with stickers. It's nice because it's nostalgic, reminding me of toys I had when I was a kid. But it's also kind of a pain because my fingers are adult sized now, so applying them isn't always easy.

This is Fortress Maximus's battlestation mode, which is basically just a robot doing yoga. It's not a very complex transformation. Emissary, the head of Cerebros (who is in turn Fortress Maximus's head) can be seen to the left. Cerebros is the vertical bit near the middle.

This is the city mode, which while still basically being a robot doing yoga is the alt mode that I think looks better. There is the ability to connect the leader class Blaster and Optimus Prime toys to make an expanded city, if you also end up buying them as well.

Here's Cerebros is robot mode. He basically just curls up to form the head of Fortress Maximus. There is some sort of light and sound function, and the batteries go in his back. But naturally, batteries are not included, so I haven't checked that out yet.

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