Saturday, November 5, 2016

#69: Transformers Combiner Wars - Sky Lynx

I've always liked Sky Lynx because it is one of the weirdest Transformers. And its alt mode was the Concorde originally. Now it's part of the Combiner Wars, so it also can become the torso for a combiner. But I'm not really interested in those, so I'm ignoring that. Now instead of the Concorde it is more of a space shuttle. So, still an obsolete if cool piece of flight tech. A space shuttle with a big block right beneath it. I'm not too worried about that, because this isn't the interesting mode to me.

Sky Lynx still has a robot mode that is some sort of bird dinosaur creature. Whatever it is, it's cool. Going from one mode to the other is pretty easy, it's mostly just tucking away the limbs, flipping out the wings, and adjusting the neck. Sky Lynx isn't particularly easy to find, so fortunately friend of the blog James was able to pick one up for me.


  1. Sky Lynx was always a Space Shuttle (I still have my original). Also, I saw this one at Ross for $12.99 the other day. If it's htf perhaps I should go back and grab him.

  2. Yeah, total brain fart there. Not sure how I mixed it up with Silverbolt.


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