Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#79: DC Comics Multiverse - Justice Buster

Batman has a suit of armor designed to fight the Justice League in case they all turn evil or are mind controlled, or whatever. Because of course he does. The Justice Buster is the build a figure, I mean collect & connect figure, for the first DC Comics Multiverse series. It's not as tall as the Hulkbuster build a figure, but it is wider. If not for the big bat logo on the chest, it would look like some sort of alien robot. Thematically, it's mostly tied with the Joker figure in the series, because they're both from the Endgame story line. Otherwise, it's kind of a random choice. The ears are a softer plastic, and as you can see, they aren't quite even due to being bent in the packaging. Hopefully that works itself out with time.

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