Wednesday, February 18, 2009

#15: Indiana Jones German Soldier with Motorcycle

Vrrrm! Another clearance buy, I picked this up mostly because I wanted the motorcycle. The motorcycle itself is pretty cool. I'm no expert on vintage motorcycles, but this one looks realistic enough to me. It would be a nice touch if the extraneous baggage was designed to be removable, but that is no great loss. The wheels turn freely, it can be steered, and there is a stand to keep it upright. There is even what looks like an attachment for a side car, but unfortunately Hasbro won't be making one.

The German soldier is a good figure as well. He is articulated well, so getting him into a riding position is no problem, and he can stand around easily as well. His helmet is removable, plus he comes with a handgun that can fit into a holster on his side, and a submachine gun that can hang from his shoulder on a strap. The lower part of his coat is made of a soft fabric, so it won't get in the way when he is on the motorcycle and can hang down while he's standing.

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