Thursday, February 19, 2009

#17: Star Wars Saga Legends ARC Trooper Commander

Another clone! The clone is basically a repaint of Alpha from the comic pack with Obi-Wan, although with a different skirt. His helmet is removable, and there's a decently sized head underneath. He is well articulated, although the waist is a swivel rather than a ball. He looks cool, and as an ARC, he is fairly different from the average clone trooper, so he will stick out. There was another ARC trooper released as part of the Saga Legends line recently, with yellow markings, a skirt without holsters, and different legs, but otherwise the same. So if you have one you may not want the other, unless you're like me and are always willing to buy another clone. I should also mention that figures in the Saga Legends line come with a weapons locker, which is a little cardboard box filled with guns. I guess this is nice if you need to arm some other figures, or like switching up the weapons a figure uses. If they didn't include these and lowered the price, that would be great by me. Basically, this is another clone, slightly different from other releases. If it's different enough for you, go ahead and pick one up.

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