Thursday, February 19, 2009

#16: Star Wars Saga Legends Snowtrooper

The Empire strikes back! Aside from first appearing in my favorite film from the Star Wars saga, snowtroopers are my favorite variety of imperial troop. Although less iconic than stormtroopers, I think their even more faceless helmets are a bit more intimidating. When I saw that there would be a snowtrooper coming out I was definitely looking forward to picking one up. Did it disappoint? Well, a little. My only problem with this figure is the helmet. It's hard to see in this picture, but the color is a little off in comparison with the rest of the armor. Also, it doesn't stay on very well. Like many recent figures of imperial troops, this snowtrooper is revealed as a Jango clone too, albeit one with a tiny head. If they had used a slightly larger head, this wouldn't be a problem. Complaints out of the way, this is otherwise a really cool figure. Since it's a snowtrooper I'm automatically biased in its favor, but it has all the articulation we've come to expect on Star Wars figures, and it looks good. It even has a cloth skirt, which won't get in the way like a plastic one would. This figure is actually a straight re-release of the vintage style figure from 2007, which cost ten dollars at the time. As a part of the Saga Legends collection, it can be picked up for a couple dollars less, definitely a good buy.

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