Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#19: Star Wars Saga Legends Sandtrooper

Look sir, droids! I may have more clone troopers than anything else, but I still love an Imperial troop. I actually already have a modern sandtrooper, but this one is different. This sandtrooper mostly shares a body with the most recently available stormtrooper, has a big staff instead of a big rifle, has a black shoulder pauldron instead of an orange one, and is clean instead of dirty. Oddly enough, the picture on the packaging shows a sandtrooper with filthy armor, a white shoulder pauldron, and a large rifle. Perhaps it is a variant, but so far I have only seen this sandtrooper in the current release, and Hasbro's webshop shows this clean one for sale. I will probably pick up a filthy version if I run across one. As a stormtrooper variant, he has a nice classic look, with a little extra gear to set him apart. Since he is based on that stormtrooper body, he is also well articulated, although I do think the natural stance is a little narrow. It looks good for standing at attention, but not very casual. I can't resist building my Imperial and Republic forces, so this is a good troop to pick up.

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