Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#20: Transformers Animated Waspinator

Why doez Univerze hate Wazpinator? I love the Animated line. I love Waspinator. This is a perfect match. Although he hasn't exactly appeared in the cartoon yet, this is a great figure. Like Black Arachnia, this is another reference to Beast Wars, in which Waspinator served as a sort of comic relief. I love this figure so much, I'm not even sure where to start. This isn't really a complaint, but his transformation is super easy. Basically, it's just bending back his abdomen, putting him upright, and folding his beast mode head down onto the chest. Voila, bot mode! As with all the other Animated toys, Waspinator is a great mix of form and function. He looks great and has good articulation. Also, his wings flap! There's a little button on his back to flap them. In bot mode, there are two tiny arms hanging off his chest amuse me to no end, they are oddly cute. I think this might be my favorite Animated figure so far, I definitely recommend picking him up when you run across him.

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