Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#18: Tech Deck 96 mm Toy Machine Four Pack

Radical! The blogosphere alerted me to the fact that the Tech Deck Dude line has been putting out toys that very blatantly are copying various pop culture properties. Curious, I decided to check this out while on my latest toy run. I did indeed see a Tech Deck Dude version of Robocop, the Governator, the Dude, Blofeld, and Hunter S. Thompson(!). Interesting as these were, I decided that I could pass on owning any of them. Then I noticed that there are a bunch of regular tiny skateboards, and decided that the rest of my toys could be living a more XTREME lifestyle. Based solely on the designs, I went with a four pack of Toy Machine designed decks. It is cool that they have licensed actual skateboarding companies for these little boards. Included in the package was a little tool and some extra risers in case I feel my boards aren't high enough off the ground. That doesn't sound so exciting to me, so I will probably leave my boards as they are. These are fun little boards, they also come in single packs, and you can get little ramps for them as well. I may have to pick up a medic figure of some sort, as I have a feeling there will be some dislocated or broken bones around here in the near future.

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