Monday, March 2, 2009

#21: DC Universe Classics Killer Moth

Holy eyesore, Batman! This is my first comic based figure of the year. Okay, yes, there were some Star Wars comic pack figures, but they are not characters that were created for comics, so I'm not counting them. One of the cool things about the DC Universe Classics toys, aside from being sculpted by the Four Horsemen, and the complementary and generous articulation, is that the line is willing to use obscure characters. Most waves have one or two big names, and a few lesser known names. Killer Moth here is one of the more obscure characters. Honestly, I had never heard of him before learning about this figure. The main reason I wanted to get this figure is how he looks. That color scheme is just so absurd that I can't help but love it. He certainly makes an interesting addition to my collection of Batman's rogues gallery. There are some small paint issues, but nothing major, and there weren't any of the breakage problems I've been hearing about for this line. All the figures in this line come with a Collect-and-Connect piece so that if you buy every figure in a wave, you can combine the pieces to build a figure. Killer Moth comes with the head and torso of Kalibak, which is not pictured here, as I let my friend have it. This may end up being one of my favorite toys of the year.


  1. I only come to know killer Moth when I played Batman Lego on my PSP.

  2. My roommate is getting that game for his Wii, I'm looking forward to playing it, since I really liked the Lego Star Wars games.


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