Tuesday, March 24, 2009

#33: G.I. Joe Cobra Viper

Hey, everybody, it's Cobra Viper Week! Wait, that's already been done. Go check out the real thing at Dan's Toy Museum. Anyway, according to the file card on the back of the packaging, the Cobra Viper plays the role of cannon fodder in the Cobra army. I'm guessing that this is based on the comic, which I never read, because in the cartoon it seemed like the regular Cobra soldier in the blue outfit with the black face mask took the position of cannon fodder. I have been meaning to pick up one of these guys for a while, and I am glad that I finally did. As my fondness for clone troopers and Imperial troopers shows, I like army building. Cobra has such a wide variety of interesting minions, I think I might start getting more of them.

About the Cobra Viper specifically, this guy exhibits the quality I have come to expect from the resurgent G.I. Joe line. He looks cool, and is poseable. My only complaint is that the goggles on his helmet don't stay in place very well. Why does he have goggles, anyway? They seem redundant with that faceplate. The insanity of the Cobra method of warfare is what makes you so charming, Cobra Viper.


  1. Army building? Facing Cobra forces with the Starwar empire troopers? That could be the next Epic battle! :P

  2. It would be an epic battle, but I am pretty sure my Cobra forces will never catch up to my clone and Stormtrooper army.

  3. Have you seen the version with the chrome face plate? Also those goggles drive me crazy as well!

  4. I did see the one with the chromed face plate, that is pretty cool. I probably won't be picking up that box set, though, since I already have the characters in it. The new head on the Baroness is nice, though.

  5. Mario!,

    I picked up the set this weekend, and a little bonus "the goggles, they do nothing!" They are molded to the helmet. You are right, that Baroness is probably the best version of that character, I plan on shooting some pics for my blog this week sometime.

  6. I like the Vipers.

    I want to amass an army of them, and take over the 3 3/4" world.


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