Thursday, March 19, 2009

#28: Marvel Universe Captain America

Captain America is a classic. Sort of! Although the packaging identifies him as Captain America, this is actually the Ultimate version of Captain America. He lacks the goofy buccaneer boots and the little wings on his head, and has more pouches than the original. I prefer the Ultimate look to the original, so I'm glad they went with this version for the figure. I'm really not a fan of the buccaneer boots.

The sculpt on this figure is well done, he even has the scale textured chest, and it works well on this small figure. Even the vertical white and red stripes around his midsection are sculpted elements. He is also articulated well, I'm not missing any joints on him. In addition to the Fury Files he comes with, his only real accessory is his shield. As with the Silver Surfer, that's all he needs. Captain America is one of Marvel's earliest characters and an icon, and I'd say this figure does him justice.


  1. This may end up being the first MU fig I pick up if/when I see him!

  2. From what I've seen, he is one of the faster sellers in the line, hopefully he isn't too difficult to find!


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