Saturday, March 14, 2009

#26: Star Wars Legacy Collection Joker Squad

Finally! Going by my rules of counting a set as one entry, here at last is the Joker Squadron, an Entertainment Earth exclusive (although Big Bad Toy Store is also selling it, oddly enough). Because six figures would be hard to photograph clearly all at once, this is a special double sized entry. These figures are all from the Legacy comic series, which I am not familiar with. I got this set because I love troopers, and this set is 83 percent trooper.

I have never heard of Lord Maleval, and he was the figure I was least excited about. In the Legacy era, it seems like all the Sith are red with black markings. In the promotional pictures, it looked like his whip was made of blue plastic, so I thought it would be a lightwhip. It turned out to be a piece of string which works for me. He's actually a pretty cool figure. Underneath his robe is some interesting looking armor with a big spooky eye on the chest. The robe itself has a bendable wire along the bottom, and one near the top to hold it on. This is a gimmick I've seen before, and I like how it helps the robes keep their shape. I probably wouldn't buy this figure if it was a single carded figure, but I think it is a good addition to this set.

The Stormtrooper on the left is Sergeant Harkas (or Sgt McBeardy, as I think of him) and to the right is Vax Potor (I think of him as "the bald one"). They are both based on the VOTC Stormtrooper mold, with a wider stance to the legs. They both have removable helmets and blasters. There is nothing remarkable about Vax Potor, he is just a regular Stormtrooper, which is good. Harkas has rank markings on his arms, which help him to stand out a little. He also has big hair and a beard which conspire to make his helmet a tight fit, and they distort its shape a little while he's wearing it.

From left to right, we have Anson Trask, Jes Gistang, and Hondo Karr. Again, Trask and Karr are the same body as their male comrades in this set. Trask has a terrible haircut. Karr has a mullet, the party end of which hilariously sticks out from under his helmet. He also has a knife (since this is Star Wars, I suppose it is a vibroblade). He WILL cut you if you make any cracks about his mullet.

Finally, we get to the real reason I (and probably most other people) got this set. Jes Gistang, the first ever female Stormtrooper figure. As far as I can tell, she is an entirely new sculpt. She's just like the other Stormtroopers, but more svelte. She also comes with a ridiculously large gun. Now that Hasbro has gone through the trouble to make this sculpt, I wonder if there will be more female Stormtroopers in the future. This figure is really cool, and definitely worth picking up the set for.

Overall, I am pleased with this set. I get a squidhead - excuse me, Quarren - Sith, a bunch of Stormies, and a so far unique female Stormie.


  1. Nice! 1st lady Stormtrooper. Hondo Karr look like Luke tho.

  2. I had the same thought, Leon. The long hair in the back really sets them apart.

  3. Harkas reminds me of Lucas. That pack looks cooler than I first thought.

  4. Nice review, I might have to pick this set up, looks more interesting than I originally thought it would.

  5. I think this set is definitely worth picking up. It is certainly cheaper than buying six individual figures.


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