Thursday, March 19, 2009

#30: Marvel Universe Iron Man

Nobody loves him! This version of Iron Man is his Extremis armor, which the armor in the movie was heavily influenced by. Aside from the movie, I've never been particularly interested in Iron Man, and I suspect that is true of the general public, so making this the first Iron Man figure in the line is a good idea. Later they are releasing a version based on his more classic suit, which I don't really like as it looks too muscular and not enough like armor. Anyway, this figure looks great and is articulated well. His accessory is a repulsor ray blast which is removable. This may not be the classic look for Iron Man, but I think it is his best, and this figure is definitely worth picking up.


  1. Reason why I don't like this Iron man

    1. Inconsistent paint job. Maybe 3.75" is much harder to paint?

    2. The head/helmet look like alien head at side way. That make it look creepy.

    Most of all, the price of this 3.75" is not far from 5" pricing of Ironman. With a few bucks more, I can get a 5" instead. :P

  2. I'm actually looking forward to the classic version, I always dug that armor.

    Leon, I agree the pricing on this stuff is way outta wack, it need to be a little less expensive, I think it might harm the line some.

  3. You're right, the profile on his helmet is a bit weird. Kind of pointy. It actually reminds me a little of the movie version of the Green Goblin.

    It is too bad about the pricing. How much are they in Singapore?

  4. For this toy it is selling $17.90 SGD on retail. The same price as Starwars figure. However for Ironman Hasbro 5" version, it is selling at $19.90 SGD. Two dollar difference. So logically, 3.75" lost it appeal for that price.


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