Sunday, March 29, 2009

#34: X-Men Origins Wolverine Comic Series Deadpool

Apparently, I am only interested in the comic book versions of characters from the upcoming Wolverine movie. I may pick up a movie version of Logan, but when it comes to Deadpool I am going to stick with the classic. The movie version of Deadpool is just... Well, he's three miles of bad road. It's along the same lines as the movie version of Cobra Commander. Bad news.

This Deadpool, however, is great. The Deadpool we all know and love is right here, loaded with weapons. Two swords, a giant sai, an AK-47, and a handgun. A couple complaints, though. I think that his swords look a little high up on his back while they're in their sheaths. Also, the ball/swivel hip articulation isn't my favorite style of articulation for hips. I'd prefer the DCUC style hip articulation.

Deadpool may not look like this in the movie, but if they give him that spinoff movie, maybe he'll look more true to his comic from then. Here's hoping!

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