Tuesday, March 3, 2009

#22: Star Wars Legacy Collection Spacetrooper

A new Stormie! This is the spacetrooper, which you have probably never noticed. Apparently, they show up for a very brief shot of the Millennium Falcon being docked in the Death Star. As with most recent stormtroopers, this figure is based on the very good VOTC sculpt, although the legs have been updated so the figure has a wider stance. He has a pack on his back, with a tube leading to his helmet. Both are removable, so you can have a standard stormtrooper as well. His helmet is also removable, and this trooper is not a Jango clone. He comes with a standard stormtrooper blaster and some other crazy looking gun with the Imperial logo on the stock. Also in the package is part of some random droid. As a unique trooper, or just another addition to your Imperial ranks, this is a cool figure.

1 comment:

  1. I just found this guy at the store, this is one of those Stormtroopers I have been patiently waiting for.


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