Saturday, March 21, 2009

#32: X-Men Origins Wolverine Comic Series Wolverine

Currently, there are three Marvel lines running right now that are in the same scale, and two of them have Wolverine in the name. If there was any doubt about how popular this little Canadian is, that should put it to rest. This Wolverine is from the movie line, which is divided into a comic series (which this figure is from), and a movie series. This is the costume I was first familiar with for Wolverine, and it has stayed my favorite. Unlike more recent Wolverine figures, his claws aren't each a separate piece of plastic. Instead they are one piece that is sculpted and painted to give the illusion of being three claws. He also comes with the red Muramasa sword, which isn't the most exciting accessory he could come with, but at least it is something that makes sense for him. This is the first Wolverine figure I've had since I was a kid, and I'm glad to have it.


  1. This is my favorite costume too (because I was first introduced to Wolvie via the Secret Wars toys.) Can't wait to find one!

  2. haha! Oddly enough, I was also first introduced to Wolverine by his Secret Wars figure. My neighbor across the street had him, although he had misplaced the claws. Good luck in your hunting!

  3. By far my favorite Wolverine costume. I picked this one up as well as the yellow/blue suit and Deadpool. This version, the one I have has really tight joints, but the other two will not stand, the hip joints are so loose, the look to be different than the MU figures.


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