Tuesday, March 3, 2009

#24: Star Wars Legacy Collection Luke Skywalker

A little short for a stormtrooper? Luke in stormtrooper armor is, not surprisingly, almost entirely the same as Han in stormtrooper armor. One less obvious difference is that they have different belts. On the rear of Han's belt, there is a small protrusion that is missing on Luke's. Perhaps it is the cable he used to cross the chasm with Leia. I think that Luke's legs attach a little higher on the torso than Han, making him look slightly shorter. Also, his helmet seems to fit lower on his head, also adding to his lesser height. It's a very subtle difference in overall height, but it is there. In fact, the helmet is a slightly different one than Han's. The most obvious difference from Han is the head. Unfortunately, Luke doesn't fare as well in the likeness department. I believe it is the same headsculpt as the Luke in X-wing pilot gear that I got in the C-3PX Wal-Mart wave last year, with a different paint job for the hair. Aside from those differences, everything thing that I said about the Han figure applies to this one. If you're going to pick up a Han, you might as well pick up a Luke to go with him.


  1. You are right. If I see Luke and Han, I will get these together. Btw is Luke shorter than Han? Both of them dun come with any blaster?

  2. Luke is very slightly shorter than Han. They both come with the standard stormtrooper blaster.

  3. Luke and Han are next on my list of must have stormies, that VOTC Stormtrooper body was the best thing Hasbro has done, besides that big Falcon!


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