Thursday, March 19, 2009

#27: Marvel Universe Silver Surfer

It's Marvel Universe day! When I heard about the upcoming Marvel Universe line and apparent demise of the Marvel Legends line, I was of mixed feelings. I love the smaller scale, especially since it means that the figures are compatible with my Star Wars and G.I. Joes, but I also have grown used to the six inch scale for my comic book figures. Fortunately, I was not too heavily into the Marvel Legends line, so although there will be some overlap in the two Marvel lines for me, it won't be too terrible. So far I am digging these Marvel Universe figures.

Here we have Silver Surfer, in all his naked silver glory. Overall, I like how this figure looks. His muscles are even more defined than the other figures I have, befitting his nudity. Rather than being a flat silver, he has an interesting iridescence that pictures of him don't seem to pick up. If you see one in person, you'll notice it. He is well articulated, although not to the degree that my Marvel Legends version of him is. I think he could have been improved by having ball ankles, instead of hinges, so that he could get into some wider stances, and maybe even use both foot pegs on his board.

Speaking of his board, that is the sole accessory he comes with, and it is the only one a Silver Surfer figure needs. As part of the Marvel Universe line, he also comes with "Fury Files" which include a sort of trading card with vitals on the character, a little letter to Nick Fury about the Surfer's disappearance from the galaxy, and a code that can be entered online to unlock more information on the Fury Files website.

Overall I like this figure, and my only real complaint are the hinge ankles.

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