Sunday, February 26, 2012

#18: Aliens - Alien Warrior

After getting the Predator a while back, I knew I would have to eventually get an Alien to pair it up with. Those shitty movies aside, the Aliens vs Predator idea has had a pretty good track record as a franchise. If nothing else, the Super Nintendo game was pretty cool. So when this xenomorph showed up as a striking deal on a little while back, I jumped on the chance to get it. This figure was actually released a few years ago, but I missed out on it then. It's a NECA, and the sculpting is as top notch as you would expect. It's amazing all the detail that they can pack into a sculpt and get out with mass reproduction. There isn't a whole lot of paint, but the whole figure has a nice shininess to it that works well. The articulation is all pretty good, with a couple exceptions. The hips are merely swivels and there are those weird strips that connect the elbows and wrists that kind of prevent the arms from bending too much. The tail is bendy: neat! The jaw opens up, and the inner jaw can be extended. It sits kind of far back in the mouth, and I had to use tweezers to get a grip on it.

Family reunion

This isn't my first Aliens figure. Back in the 90s, Kenner had an Aliens line that my brother and I collected. How great is it that a movie that was totally not for kids was still able to have a toy line that was designed for kids? There was an Aliens vs Predator two pack, which is what the xenomorph on the left of the above picture is from, unfortunately I don't still have the corresponding Predator. The little one on the right was given to me as a gift 15 years or so ago, and I believe it was from Japan.

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  1. Great one! Isaac and I love ALIEN!
    His collection is really starting to grow!!


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