Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#8: LEGO Minifigures - Lady Liberty

Once again, it's time for another series of LEGO minifigures! As usual, they show up in my area a while behind everyone else. For the last series, they weren't even in the LEGO section, instead being placed on the end of the aisle with the likes of Littlest Pet Shop. This time around, I found them one aisle over from the LEGO aisle with the lower tier action figures such as Thundercats, Power Rangers, and those Super Mario figures. I spent about half an hour going through the packages, looking for the minifigures I wanted. I fortunately was able to find them all in the first two rows, which was a first. For your convenience, here are the bump codes, in case anybody hasn't found these yet. I think Dan originally did this on his blog, so I am copying his idea. I hope this helps!

I don't remember what order I found these, so I'm posting in the order that they're listed on the included checklist. Lady Liberty was a must have, especially since I never got around to buying the Ghostbusters Minimate version. Fortunately she's easy to find due to being one of two minifigures this series with the big wedge shaped dress piece.

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