Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#20: DC Universe Classics - Sinestro

I'm not really into Green Lantern, or the recent rainbow Lantern Corps stuff that's been going on. But Sinestro is a good villain. He's got that fallen from grace thing going on, and he actually presents a threat. He was also the best part of the otherwise not very good Green Lantern movie, so if they do make a sequel, seeing him as the villain ought to be fun. Sinestro was originally released way back in the 3rd wave of DCUC, but was oddly short. For this release that has been fixed, but now his boots are merely painted on rather than sculpted. It's actually kind of surprising that they were sculpted on the first time around, given Mattel's propensity for parts reuse. But as a tradeoff, I'll take it for having a Sinestro that's not tiny. It's good to have someone in the collection to put Hal Jordan in his place.

Space noogies!


  1. He has a fantastic face sculp i wonder if they did one like this but in his black and blue costume?

    1. The wave 3 version was in the blue and black costume, with the Yellow Lantern Corps uniform as a variant. My roommate has it, and comparing them, it looks like the same headsculpt. There was also a more recent release in the blue and black costume as a two pack with Hal Jordan, I don't have one handy to compare the headsculpts, though.


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