Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#22: The Avengers - Cosmic Spear Loki

So I heard that Avengers toys, as well as new Marvel Legends, and Transformers Prime toys were showing up in a toy aisle reset at Target. Given the way my local Target works, I figured that would be a couple weeks from now. So I was pretty surprised to see all the new stuff on the shelves today when I visited. The Avengers Loki is one that I wanted because the Thor movie version didn't have the helmet on, and I really like the ridiculous oversized helmet. And so far the comic version has only been available with the big frost giant, which isn't exactly sitting around on the shelves around here. So movie version it is!

Let's get the bad out of the way first. These figures aren't cheap. With tax, it came to over 10 bucks. Star Wars Vintage figures are even pricier, and everything else is going up, so it's not a fault of this line in particular. It's still totally a downer. My other complaint is the articulation. No wrists, no ankles, no waist or torso. I understand that cutting articulation is a way to save money, but when the prices just keep going up, it feels like we are being shortchanged.

Because this is a movie line, Hasbro is apparently obligated to include a big goofy weapon. Loki gets a second spear, with snap-out blades. He only has one hand sculpted to hold weapons, so I'm sticking with the much classier looking Cosmic Spear. Is that the Cosmic Cube in the blade? Possibly! Shortcomings aside, this is a good looking figure. I like the way his cape is dramatically billowing to one side.

I am definitely going to be very choosy with this line, because of how pricy these are getting. I wasn't really planning on getting much from it anyway, as I already have plenty of Iron Man figures, a Thor, a Captain America, and a Hulk. I do have the Marvel Universe Black Widow, but I will definitely be getting the movie version, assuming I can find it. If I get a Hawkeye, I'd prefer a comic version, as the movie version isn't that exciting of a costume.

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  1. Am not really that impressed with the movie Avenger figures i hate to say and i was pretty excited about them too originally.


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