Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#21: Marvel Legends - Hope Summers

When I started collecting toys again, Marvel Legends was really hitting its stride, but I never really got into it. I have a few 6 inch Marvel figures, but they're mostly from the kinda-sorta Marvel Legends waves that were store exclusive/themed/movie figures. So most of my Marvel figures are from the smaller Marvel Universe line. But after a hiatus of a couple years, Hasbro is bringing them back. There's a nice mix of big name and lesser known characters. When I got Marvel Universe Cable, I was never able to find the variant that came with baby Hope that I found so amusing, so I decided to get the Marvel Legends version to make up for it.

Hey look, her legs are kind of warped from the packaging. At least her giant gun wasn't packaged in her hands. Hasbro's again using those hip joints that I'm not terribly fond of. They look good, but it's hard to use them because you have to grip the tiny part that's exposed between the thigh and the torso if you want to adjust the angle you can bend the leg at. The hips Mattel uses on DCUC figures may not look as good when its out of the default position, but they are way easier to use. Her base body is pretty generic and for all I know has likely been used before. Fortunately she does get some added sculpted pieces for her arms and legs, as well as a cape/shawl sort of thing. And true to someone raised by Cable, she gets a huge gun. It's a little hard to get her to hold it due to her hands being a bit small, but it'll work.

One of the hallmarks of Marvel Legends is the build a figure concept, and that continues in this wave with Terrax, whose head and axe is included. I'm not at all familiar with the character, so it's helpful that the included instruction sheet features some background information on him, with the suggestion to read Fantastic Four #210 for more story.

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