Sunday, December 13, 2015

#62: Star War The Black Series - Kylo Ren

Next up from the new Force Awakens figures is our new main antagonist, Kylo Ren. Who is he, what exactly does he want, and what is up with his crazy lightsaber? I'm looking forward to finding out in a few days! A substantial part of his robes, as well as the hood, is made from soft goods. It's a pretty long robe, which billows out dramatically. Very cool looking. Naturally, his lightsaber is included and it has a removable blade. Rather than making the two crossguard blades separate removable pieces, they're all attached, so it looks like the energy from the blades is spilling out and connecting with the main blade. So, it's not perfect. The blade isn't completely smooth like the toy lightsaber blades usually are, but is more textured, as if its pulsating. This is a cool looking figure for sure, and not surprisingly, I haven't seen any in the store since Force Friday. Definitely worth picking one up if you find one.

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