Sunday, December 27, 2015

#74: Star Wars The Black Series - Bossk

Aside from Boba Fett, I figure Bossk is the coolest of the bounty hunters that Darth Vader rounds up during Empire Strikes Back. A lizard man in a yellow spacesuit, whose only line is growling at a passing Imperial, is cool with me. He had a handful of appearances in the Expanded Universe, but with the new continuity, his non-movie appearances are limited to the Clone Wars cartoon. For all we know, he'll show up in one of the new movies. Bossk makes for a nice looking figure, with a detailed costume complete with harness. He's also armed with a blaster that doesn't fit in his claws very well. Bossk's jaw is kind of articulated. It can be closed, but it goes right back to its original open position. The head has very little up and down movement, so the jaw can't really be opened any further.

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