Monday, December 28, 2015

#76: Age of Ultron Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye

For whatever reason, Hasbro did not see fit to make figures of the new additions to the Avengers line up, and only released about half of the team to retail. Fortunately, this Amazon exclusive box set is available to help fill that hole. I never got around to getting the six inch Thor figure from the first time around, so I am glad to have this one. He is appropriately tall and muscular looking, with a pretty good likeness to Chris Hemsworth. Naturally, Mjolnir is included. Despite the stiff heavy cape, he stands pretty well. Black Widow is basically a re-release of the Winter Soldier figure. That was hard to find, so it will be a nice addition for people who never found that one. This time around, she only has one head, and a few extra paint applications to show her shock powers are activated. Fittingly, she comes armed this time with her shock batons. Her hands aren't really sculpted to hold them, but they can be coaxed to loosely stay in there. My figure came with her right arm not completely inserted, so after some fiddling and sore fingers I was able to get it fully inserted.

Bruce Banner is a figure that hasn't been made before as a Marvel Legends figure. Since it's just "guy in plainclothes" I can understand not releasing this one as a regular retail figure. His legs are somewhat warped from the packaging, but at least he stands. Hawkeye is basically a re-release of the first movie figure, but with a non-sunglasses wearing head. Hasbro couldn't be bothered updating to his new costume, I guess. Naturally, he comes with a bow and quiver. Despite Hasbro's peculiar marketing strategy necessitating this box set, I'm glad to have it to fill out my Avengers roster.

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